June 26, 2018


How do I setup an account to post?

First, you do not need an account to post.  The only drawback to this is that you will not be able to take down your post unless you contact us.

If you would still like to setup an account, there are multiple ways you can do this.  One option is to simply go to resradar.research.bcm.edu/register.  Alternatively, if you are posting on the “post research” page, add your email address in the specified location and you will receive further instructions via email.

How do I setup email notifications (alerts)?

Email notifications can be customized to send only notifications about posts that have certain keywords.

Once you have an account, go to resradar.research.bcm.edu/account.  Click on “view profile.”  Here you will see what types of “alert keywords” are set.  These keywords are a comma separated and represent items that will be matched to a post.  Thus, if you type in “ortho, urology, radiology” you will only receive email notifications that have the words “ortho” “urology” or “radiology” in the description or in the department category.

To change your Alert Keywords, click the settings icon (the gear icon) and then click “Update Profile”

Initially, it is set to “no alerts”.  If you would like to receive all alerts, type in “all alerts”.

Why can’t I access the “find research” page?

You need to have registered and be a logged in user to see the page. Make sure you have registered with your Baylor College of Medicine or affiliated institution email.